Broadwater Mouldings Ltd, one of the UKs leading Fibreglass Composite manufacturers, today announced the completion of an upgrade to its robotic trimming department. The investment will allow the trimming of more than 70% of its FRP mouldings currently manufactured for a variety of clients. The aim is to further develop its worldwide business and strategic position in the targeted segments of Automotive, Medical and Industrial as well as exploring other markets.


Prior to the improvement Broadwater Mouldings had two 5 Axis CNC Robot Trimming Centres, installed separately in 2003 & 2010. The new upgrade to the original cell will increase the flexibility (more cutting tool options) and improve the repeatability/accuracy. Completed by Fanuc, who Broadwater Mouldings have worked with for over 15 years, the system has one fixed spindle which has 6 chucks currently but more can be added to suit new work. The tool centre point is proven to be more accurate over long term tests compared to the spindle change system the older cell uses. With the new spindle now in place both centres will offer customers a considerably less expensive part than manual trimming, particularly on complicated trim conditions.


Justin Cossey, Production Manager at Broadwater Mouldings explained, “We installed the original robotic trimmer in 2003, which was cutting edge at the time. During the period after installation of the second CNC Robot we realised that in order to ensure the best possible trim levels for our customers we needed to upgrade and invest in new technology. This has been done in association with Fanuc who have assisted us through the entire process and have consistently gone the extra mile in order to meet our demanding requirements. We are really excited to be able to offer this key improvement to our customers.”


With the enhancements to the robotic trim shop Broadwater Mouldings, based in Suffolk, places itself at the forefront of FRP manufacture and assembly in the UK. With new business having been won recently the company is looking forward to an invigorating remainder of 2016 and exciting and challenging times in the future. As part of the strategic growth of Broadwater Mouldings the investment in new technology will continue the expansion, alongside the increased workforce due to new projects. In partnership with its customers Broadwater Mouldings will continue to create original custom moulded assemblies through a variety of moulding technologies.