High performance FRP for the Automotive Industry

Broadwater have a vast portfolio of FRP solutions for the automotive industry, spanning the HGV, LGV sectors through to ATV and High Performance Vehicles.

Using methods such as LPPM, Broadwater are able to achieve  premium finished parts and produce at high volumes to keep up with your production line demands.  With other methods at our disposal such as RTML, and Hand Lay-up short runs are also possible, catering for one-off vehicles or restorations/replacement parts.

Strong, Tough & Durable | Built for the road

Broadwater have a highly experienced team of engineers who select the right combination of gelcoats and resins to ensure the parts are fit for purpose.  Automotive parts could be subject to stresses such as high heat, chemical exposure or UV exposure to name a few.  Parts can even be produced without the need for paint, providing an aesthetically pleasing, tough durable finish, which can be matched to the vehicle manufacturers specifications.

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