Tough FRP engineering for Agriculture/Heavy Plant

The agricultural sector throws up many challenges, due to the tough environments that the applications demand.  With over 40 years experience in the field, Broadwater are able to supply such diverse sectors as lawn/turf equipment through to tractors/farming equipment and construction/heavy plant.

Ultimate durability | Premium protection

It goes without saying that equipment in the agricultural sector have to endure a manner of environmental and working conditions.  UV light, moisture penetration, extreme temperatures and chemical exposure, amongst others, are all major factors that Broadwater have to consider when providing the best solution possible for their customers.

Calling on their team of expert engineers, Broadwater can select the optimum combination of resins, gels and reinforcement materials to ensure your equipment performs at its best and lasts for years.  By utilising the latest mould technology parts can be produced in any texture, or surface finish, that befits the task.  Parts can even be made without the need for painting, increasing the durability and reducing cost and time in assembly.

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