Successful BSI Audit for Broadwater Mouldings

Broadwater Mouldings welcomed Andrew Barnett from BSI last for week for the 6 monthly surveillance audit and is very pleased to report that NO non-conformances were found. The objective is to look for positive evidence to ensure the elements of the scope of certification and the requirements of the management standards are effectively managed.


Mr Barnett (BSI Auditor) commented, “I would like to thank all the audit participants for their assistance and co-operation which enabled the audit to run smoothly and to schedule. The audit objectives have been achieved and the certificate scope remains appropriate. The audit team concludes based on the results of this audit that Broadwater Mouldings Ltd does fulfil the standards and audit criteria identified within the audit report and it is deemed that the management system continue to achieve its intended outcomes. The audit team recommends that BSI consider the information found in this assessment report as evidence in part, of the conformity of Broadwater Mouldings Ltd with the requirements for ISO9001:2008 certification.”


Matt Herbert, Broadwater’s Managing Director, added “This is a fantastic result for Broadwater Mouldings. Receiving a report of no non-conformities is due in part to everyone’s hard work. The feedback about our general improvements around the site were also welcome.”